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Sweet Sunshine Charity Cookbook

Baking Sweet Memories

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"Sweet Sunshine Cookbook is most definitely a book I will be turning to time and again.

Not only will I go to it to read the many decadent and delicious recipes, but for the stories alone."

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Sweet Sunshine ~ Charity Cookbook


All proceeds go to the Sunshine Foundation of Canada


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This will be the most unique cookbook you'll have on your shelf.


Can you guess who these two featured authors are?


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Whose childhood memory is this?


 I was about twelve years old, my sister and two brothers used to go home for lunch on schooldays and fend for ourselves, as both my parents worked. One of the rules given to us by my father; NO watching television. We were to come home, eat our lunch, and go back to school.  One day I decided to cross the line and turn on the television. I was making toast and pushed the bread into the toaster while I went into the next room and found something to watch. Several minutes passed before the smell of smoke reached us. Low and behold the toaster caught fire. To say I was scared would be an understatement. My brother opened the back door to let the smoke out, and a neighbour called the fire dept when she saw the smoke coming from our house.

The truck came down the street, sirens blaring dad behind the wheel. Yes, my dad was a fireman. As you can well-imagine I was in BIG trouble, even more so when the paper came out the next day with a small article; the headline,

‘Burnt Toast at Captain Al’s House’




Visit the Sunshine Foundation of Canada's web page to learn more about them.

The Power of a Dream

Every child should have the right to dream; 

to hope that tomorrow holds more than just a new barrier;

to believe that they can achieve something special 

in their lives, and to experience, 

even for just a little while,

the carefree joy of just being a kid.