A short story that ends with a happy sigh....


“A woman’s strength is beyond physical muscle or brute force. The strength of a woman is one of intuition, pride and determination—emotional toughness that protects children and loved ones, and enables her to stand up to the more masculine energies in life.”

‘Any secret worth keeping can be hidden in plain sight.’

At eighteen years of age, Eva Denison’s father offered her a gift she’d only dared to dream of. In return, all he asked is for her to keep everything a secret—a small price to pay for her hearts’ desire—or so she thought. 
Breaking her promise had never crossed her mind over the next six years. That is, until the day she accidentally fell into Jeremy’s life—a dreamy street musician who stole her heart on the wings of his love songs. For the first time in her life she is faced with the possibility of sharing her well-kept secret, and breaking the promise she made to her father long ago. 


Dani                                   Kat