Ask Aunty: Seasons

Aunty Munya Andrews, Charmaine Ledden-Lewis (illus.)

Ask Aunty: Seasons
Hardie Grant Explore
15 November 2023

Ask Aunty: Seasons

Aunty Munya Andrews, Charmaine Ledden-Lewis (illus.)

Have you ever been excited for the first day of summer, only to be disappointed when it arrives cold and rainy? For First Nations People, the seasons don't change when the calendar does. Instead, we can look for changes in plants, animals, water, weather and the stars to mark the start of a new season.

Aunty Munya explains how there are six seasons on her Country. Mankal is the rainy season, bringing strong winds from the ocean, while Barrgan is the season when bush fruits are most plentiful.

With stunning illustrations by Charmaine Ledden-Lewis, Ask Aunty: Seasons encourages all readers to develop a deeper connection with the land, waters and sky.


As Aunty Munya asks, ‘Have you ever woken up excited on the first day of summer only to find it’s cold and rainy?’ That’s because the four seasons we’re taught at school aren’t relevant to Australia at all! Across the country, First Nations have lots of different seasons! Aunty Munya explains how the seasons work for her people, the Bardi People.

The Bardi people watch the plants, animals, stars, and even the ocean to know what the seasons are. By doing this, they’re letting Country tell them when seasons change, rather than judging the change by the date on a calendar regardless of what’s happening outside!

It is a privilege we should not take for granted that Aunty Munya is willing to proudly share her culture with us. Bardi and all First Nations’ seasons are really interesting and make a lot more sense than the four seasons! This is a brilliant book for all kids aged 3+.

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