Free Kid to Good Home

Hiroshi Ito

Free Kid to Good Home
Gecko Press
New Zealand
6 July 2022

Free Kid to Good Home

Hiroshi Ito

An hilarious story about sibling rivalry and a child’s impulse to run away from home-(and come back again!)     

When my squawking baby brother arrived, I realised I needed a new family. No one seemed to mind when I packed my bag. I took a box and used my best handwriting to write ‘FREE KID’, then waited for some new parents to take me home.     

Waiting in a box like an abandoned pet and encountering the passersby changes the girl’s perspective. At the end of the day, when her parents pretend they need an older sister for their new baby, she is ready to leave her box and go happily back home.    

In this comical twist on sibling rivalry, a girl decides she needs a new family-so she writes Free Kid on a box and waits in the street for some better parents to choose her.    

Translated from the Japanese edition, this accessible story is perfect for children starting on independent reading and is illustrated in a graphic comic style that really captures childlike subversive humour. Ideal for fans of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip.     

A useful book to teach young children about welcoming a new baby sibling to the family, or exploring playful sibling relationships, through funny and lighthearted storytelling.      

Hiroshi Ito was born in Tokyo, Japan, and graduated from Waseda University with a degree in education. He began creating picture books while still a student and has since published many award-winning books.    

Praise for Free Kid to Good Home:   

Ito’s deadpan humour and the character’s emotive facial expressions inject jocularity in a welcome exploration of the anxiety that some children face in response to siblinghood.  Publishers Weekly

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