Gymnastica Fantastica! by Briony Stewart

Award-winning Australian author–illustrator Briony Stewart has captured the energy and exhilaration of impromptu performances, and the discovery of new talents, in Gymnastica Fantastica! Within its pages we watch as the star performer learns to bend, twist, twirl, roll and flip, accompanied by continuous calls of, ‘Come and see … look at me’. Which anyone who spends time with a young person will recognise oh so well!

The rhyming text and boisterous, colourful imagery help to express the enthusiasm and liveliness of any child as new abilities emerge. This is a joy to read. It will remind adults of when they were young and excitable, and shows kids that it can be fun to try new skills, and that it is okay if it doesn’t work out the first time round. Perfect for ages 3+.

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Gymnastica Fantastica!

Briony Stewart

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