Pierre Sutcliffe

Pierre Sutcliffe is from Readings St Kilda

Review — 2 Nov 2023

Water by John Boyne

This is the first of a projected group of books to be followed by Fire, Earth and Air. The narrator is Vanessa Carvin, a woman fleeing an unknown…

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Review — 2 Nov 2023

Baumgartner by Paul Auster

The opening chapter of this book is a beautifully modulated introduction to the life of philosophy professor and 71-year-old widower Sy Baumgartner. Sy roams the rooms of his brownstone, burning…

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Review — 25 Sep 2023

And Then She Fell by Alicia Elliott

Alice is a member of the Mohawk nation and a new mother living in Toronto with Steve, her loving, white, professor husband. Steve specialises in the study of her tribe…

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Review — 31 Aug 2023

Ordinary Gods and Monsters by Chris Womersley

Chris Womersley is one of the most interesting and inventive writers in this country, in my extremely humble opinion. He began his publishing career with The Low Road, a…

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Review — 23 Apr 2023

Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane

Desegregation of the Boston Public Schools is mandated by the Massachusetts State Legislature and takes effect on Thursday morning, 12 September, 1974. The buses that transport Black students to South…

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Review — 27 Mar 2023

City of Dreams by Don Winslow

City of Dreams is the second novel of a planned trilogy that began with City on Fire. The first book must be discussed because if you have not read…

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Review — 3 Mar 2023

Old God’s Time by Sebastian Barry

Tom Kettle is an Irish detective who has recently retired to a home overlooking the Irish sea. It’s unclear at first how long he has been leading this solitary existence…

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Review — 19 Sep 2022

Time of My Life by Myf Warhurst

Time of My Life is as delightful as you would expect from one of the most charming people to ever grace the television screen in this country. Myf Warhurst begins…

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Review — 30 Aug 2022

Haven by Emma Donoghue

In a small seventh-century monastery on the coast of Ireland, the monks are celebrating the first fast day after Easter. We are introduced to Trian, a 19-year-old monk who is…

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