Plants to the Rescue!

Dr Vikram Baliga, Brian Lambert (illus.)

Plants to the Rescue!
Priddy Books
United Kingdom
27 June 2023

Plants to the Rescue!

Dr Vikram Baliga, Brian Lambert (illus.)

In the ongoing fight against climate change, plastic pollution and diseases, scientists are turning to an unlikely ally - plants! Everyone knows plants are pretty cool. They create oxgyen for us to breathe (fairly essential) and provide us with trees to climb. But it turns out that platns can do a whole lot more than that too! Get ready to be amazed when you find out about the spinach that can detect landmines AND send emails and the glow-in-the-dark plants that might one day light your home.

Perfect for anyone who loves nature and wildlife, as well as the scientists of the future - you won't look at plants and trees in the same way again!

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