The End of Bias: How We Change Our Minds

Jessica Nordell

The End of Bias: How We Change Our Minds
Granta Books
United Kingdom
30 November 2021

The End of Bias: How We Change Our Minds

Jessica Nordell

Implicit bias affects us all, every day of our lives. But it can be overcome. Here’s how we begin to change our minds.

Implicit bias leads us to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, body type anda host of other factors. It robs organizations of talent, science of breakthroughs, art of wisdom, politics of insight, individuals of their futures, and communities of justice.

But implicit bias is a problem that can be solved. For the past thirty years, scientists, psychologists, teachers and entrepreneurs have been coming up with ways toovercome our biases and end unconscious discrimination.

In this landmark book, Nordell meets the people and organisations whose discoveriesare set to change the world, and examines how we might begin to eliminate the biases that have settled in our societies, and even in our own minds.

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