The Lucky Bottle by Chris Wormell

Jack Bobbin never imagined when he ran away from home – boarding a ship to have an adventure – that he would end up stranded on a desert island, but that is exactly what has happened. Except, the island isn’t uninhabited. Robinson lives there: a large, bearded man who washed ashore 19 years ago and who has spent the years since reading the classics that came aground in crates with him.

Jack is at first wary of the large, hairy man, yet slowly comes to trust and learn from his new friend. As time rolls on, Jack starts to think he will never see his family again, until, one day, he finds a pirate map showing there is buried treasure on the island. As Jack starts his treasure hunt, he unwittingly unleashes a whole chain of events that will lead him on his biggest adventure yet – his journey home.

I absolutely loved The Lucky Bottle! It’s a gripping sea adventure featuring pirates, buried treasure, magic spells, and wild animals. It’s also a book that celebrates reading, the joy of a well-told story, and the importance of the written word to teach us life lessons. Highly recommended for ages 8+.

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The Lucky Bottle

Chris Wormell

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