The Rest is History

Goalhanger Podcasts, Tom Holland, Dominic Sandbrook

The Rest is History
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
United Kingdom
31 October 2023

The Rest is History

Goalhanger Podcasts, Tom Holland, Dominic Sandbrook

From the chart-topping podcast The Rest is History, a whistle-stop tour through the past - from Alexander the Great to Tolkien, the Wars of the Roses to Watergate. The nation's favourite historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook take on the most curious moments in history, answering the questions we didn't even think to ask:

  • Did the Trojan War actually happen?
  • What was the most disastrous party in history?
  • Was Richard Nixon more like Caligula or Claudius?
  • How did a hair appointment almost blow Churchill's cover?
  • Why did the Nazis believe they were descended from Atlantis?

Whether it is sending historical figures to Casa Amor in a series of Love Island, ranking history's most famous eunuchs and pigeons (including Winkie, the unsung hero of the Second World War), or debating the meaning of greatness, there is nothing too big or too small for Tom and Dominic to unpick.

So run your Egyptian milk bath, strap up your best Spartan sandals, and prepare for a journey down the highways and byways of the human past. . .

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