Tyger by S.F. Said & Dave McKean (illus.)

Adam and his family live in London centuries from now in an empire where slavery and tyranny abound. They are Londoners of Middle Eastern origin, and in this violent, segregated world, looking different is dangerous. One terrifying night, Adam discovers an ancient animal he never even knew existed – a tyger. The tyger, he soon discovers, is actually an immortal being caught in an epic battle between good and evil and desperately needs help to drive out evil from earth. Adam and his new friend Zadie must help the tyger open the ancient doorway between worlds and save humanity.

With a deft hand, this deceptively simple story by Said explores the eons of history within London, as well as the concept of multiple worlds and the incredible power of the mind. With stunning line drawings by Dave McKean, this extraordinary tale will be enjoyed by readers of Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling aged 10 and up.

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S.F Said, Dave McKean (illus.)

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