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All About Adelle

      On September 19th, many moons ago, a baby girl with big blue eyes and snow white hair was born. Her Dad was Captain of the Fire Department, and madly in love with the beautiful German bride on his arm (Mom)  Adelle was the first girl in the family, with two big brothers anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby sister. Were they happy about it? You'd have to ask them, but two years later when another little sister was born, I bet they had lots to say!



Adelle's Mom & Dad          Adelle with her two big brothers, one younger sister and Grampa & Grandy    Right about now, is where I'd tell you I went to Harvard and graduated with honors and a degree in English Literature. After school I took a year to travel the world, and met my husband on a Safari in Africa. We celebrate thirty years of marital bliss this Christmas.

Screeeeeeeeeeeech!! Rewind back to reality.....

Now, where were we?

Oh, for starters, I never went to Harvard, or any other institution of higher learning for that matter. In fact, I'm a high school drop-out. (Not the smartest move I ever made)You see, at the time, I was having way too much fun and school kind of got in the way. I had to work in order to afford all of this 'fun' and keep a roof over my head.

Did I travel the world?

Not exactly. I did travel by motorcycle, up one side of Ontario and back down the other. I've had a continuous love affair with Harley Davidson and the 'biker lifestyle'. One might say, I've experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. Many of these memories have found their way to the pages of my Biker Fiction novels.

To make a long story relatively short...

I have four children and a couple ex-husbands. I did end up going back to school. In fact, it was an English teacher named Jim who planted the seed by telling me I had a gift for the written word...

Skip ahead a few years.

I've had a progressive hearing loss for as far back as I can remember. It didn't really affect my life until I was in my early 30's . My family and friends grew tired of repeating themselves, so I had to face my demons and get fitted for my first (of many) hearing aids. Today I am 'legally deaf', but with hearing aids I can function on a somewhat normal level. I don't talk about this much, but in order for you to know me a little better, I felt you should know  this about me.

Six months after my youngest daughter came into the world, I found myself on the operating table. As a result, I now have a 14 inch scar down my lower back. Unfortunately there was considerable nerve damage, and I haven't had a pain-free day since (1997). Needless to say, my days of working outside the home were over.  

So, after one too many days watching the walls close in around me, I revisited my childhood love of writing. I am transported to a world where I live pain free, laughter abounds and I can conjure up a new adventure (or partner) ;)  around every corner..

The rest.... is history in the making kaufen fildena online