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New Release!

New Release!

Karli’s husband of seven years, and father to her adorable five year old, Chey, took being possessive to a whole other level. At first, she felt special that he wanted her all to himself. As the years passed, she’d inadvertently given him the power to make even the simplest of decisions for her. She thought about leaving once...before Chey was born. Lohan turned out to be a doting father, and his little princess had him wrapped around her tiny finger. It wasn’t until Karli became violently ill, and news came of her mother’s passing, she learned to what extent the father of her only child was willing to go to keep his little family under his control.

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In a small Native American village in Canada many moons ago....

The Lakota people expect their women to marry and have children. Nala is the oldest of three sisters and was born with a birthmark down one side of her face. For this reason, she is shunned by her people and made to feel ‘less than’ by her father, she fears she will never marry. She is so distressed over this she summons a dream man... or so she thinks.


 At eighteen years of age, Eva Denison’s father offered her a gift she’d only dared to dream of. In return, all he asked is for her to keep everything a secret—a small price to pay for her hearts’ desire—or so she thought. 
Breaking her promise had never crossed her mind over the next six years. That is, until the day she accidentally fell into Jeremy’s life—a dreamy street musician who stole her heart on the wings of his love songs. For the first time in her life she is faced with the possibility of sharing her well-kept secret, and breaking the promise she made to her father long ago. 

 The paper mill where Dani has worked for the past twelve years is closing. A single mother of a sixteen-year old, she quickly learns her tattoos aren’t helping her land a decent job. Should she stand up for her choice to have full sleeve tattoos, and settle for a job at Teasers, the local stripper bar? Maybe she should hide her beautiful artwork and try for a steady job in one of the design houses in the city?
Will she listen to Ryan and accept his help, knowing he wants to take their special friendship to another level. Is she willing to take the risk of losing him and cross that proverbial line

Kat is the envy of everyone. She owns RazzamaJazz, a successful dinner club, an incredible lakefront property and she is beautiful. The statuesque blonde with ice-blue eyes commands attention wherever she goes. She has it all....or does she? Kat has been harboring a deep, dark secret for quite some time. Little by little her ruse is unraveling. If she doesn’t face her demon soon, she stands to lose everything, including köpa ofloxacin.