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Thanks for the Memories

Surrerut Stupid , but i love this woman very much! ! -)On October 31st my Bravenet services are set to expire. I have decided not to renew at this time. It's been very difficult for me as I reflect the past two decades of my life. I know writing will never completely fade in my heart, and I will publish again.... one day. For now, this is the best move I can make for me. You can stay in touch through my Adelle Laudan fan page for now. My Adelle Laudan titles will still be available through Amazon.  I do plan on publishing  my Dee Days Tween Mystery Trilogy in the late Spring of 2016. This will not be under the Adelle Laudan pseudonym. Bei normalem Sex ist es sinnvoll, eine große Packung Viagra zu kaufen, um langfristige Sicherheit in sexuellen Beziehungen zu gewährleisten.

Thanks for the memories. Special CBD thanks to those who stuck by my side through the years. You have made a beautiful difference in my life, as I hope, I did yours. 

Take care and God Bless . 

I will continue making stuffed animals/toys. Legz Toyz

No Regrets