West Heart Kill

Dann McDorman

West Heart Kill
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
United Kingdom
24 October 2023

West Heart Kill

Dann McDorman

'Any respectable practitioner must follow the rules in making the truth - however skilfully camouflaged by lies - accessible to all'

It's the Fourth of July weekend at the prestigious West Heart country club. Gathered for cocktails on the first evening are just some of the guests: the club president, the treasurer and his pregnant wife, the snooping school boy, the bereaved father, the taciturn caretaker, the prospective member, the private detective...

And there will also be a body.

And a fiendish mystery to solve.

But everything else is all to play for.

And you are about to find out that you have a role to play in this mystery too....

West Heart Kill is an outrageously original and imaginative murder mystery that is both a love letter to the greats of classic crime fiction and a fiendishly brilliant puzzle the likes of which you will never have read before.


It’s the 4th of July. Barbecues are sizzling, the sky is aglow with fireworks, star-spangled banners wave proudly, painting the day red, white and blue. But amid the celebrations, a murder has occurred, and only you can solve it.

In an original and thrilling take on the classic whodunnit story, Dann McDorman welcomes the reader into the narrative by writing in the second point of view, as you assist Detective McAnnis in solving who is responsible for the murders of the West Heart Club. Set in upstate New York, West Heart is populated by the founding families of the club, and each family has their own secrets, motives, and desires for wanting the truth to stay dead. As a major storm hits and power goes down, all the members of the club, the detective, and you are isolated in a remote hunting lodge, with only each other to rely on to survive, even as the bodies start to pile up and the suspect list grows more complex.

Cluedo meets Knives Out in this fun, immersive reading experience. It’s almost reminiscent of a role-playing game, and breathes new life into the whodunnit genre. You have your eccentric and mysterious characters; an evocative atmosphere that jumps straight off the page with compelling prose; and a narrator that speaks to you as the reader, offering academic and historical facts, and hints about the development of the murder-mystery genre, helping you identify the tropes, red herrings, and motives from past sources such as Agatha Christie, Sherlock Holmes, and more, to assist you in solving the murder.

West Heart Kill is perfect for those who love classic murder mysteries, and those who are more interested in experimental and ambitious crime writing. Bold and original, McDorman’s debut is a wondrous achievement that succeeds in making the reader a cast member.

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